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An exhibition by ROTOR

at STAM Ghent city museum

Text courtesy of STAM -

Photography © courtesy of Phile Deprez

We experience what the city looks like above ground every day. But what is hidden beneath the buildings and streets? In 'Underground in the City', STAM exposes the world beneath your feet.


The earth is made up of many layers that are billions of years old. The ecosystem is only at work in the top layer of the earth's crust. Humans are also active in that natural soil full of plant and animal life. He digs and digs there for all kinds of reasons... and he builds cities on them. Cities that are just as busy underground as above ground.

The higher the buildings, the deeper the foundations. Sewers, waste, warehouses and parking garages? Dig in! We move quickly and unhindered via tunnels. Kilometres of cables and pipes supply the city with water, energy and data. Thanks to underground infrastructures, the city remains liveable above ground.

The underground is also the place to which we entrust our most precious treasures, where we hide and bury our dead. Immerse yourself in the wonderful city beneath the city.


The solo exhibition by Denis Guzzo at Galleria Celeste, Vicenza IT; includes an overview of ten years of documentation regarding reuse in architecture and design.

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The remarkable exhibition was created by Rotor, a Brussels collective of designers, architects and researchers that promotes the reuse of building materials. Their focus on design and sustainable building workflows is covered in all themes covered in the exhibition.

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