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Photography & graphic design by Denis Guzzo | Written by Superuse on site | Italian translation by Elisa Saturno

An Italian villa is used as a teaching ground by Superuse on site to spread circular design tools, methods and thinking to Italian designers, architects, 

contractors and industry.


Thanks to the extension of Harvest Map in Italy over the previous year, the project culminated in waste materials from industries around Milan being up-cycled to design furniture for the 450m2 interior fit-out, which was designed and built on site in four weeks in ‘Furniture Jam Sessions’ with 14 international designers and builders.

The ‘Villa Maggiore’ project led by Superuse on site also used waste materials in the building renovation, minimal remodelling, and passive and zero energy systems to transform the disused villa into zero energy, circular holiday home to showcase circular design in Italy. 

As for music jam sessions, though materials and conditions were supplied there was no pre-defined plan or design. 




Featuring  design by: Superuse on site  |  Refunc  |  Superuse Lab  |  Co2R0  |  Studio Cifra | Mima Works

Here are some spreads of the Press Release designed by Denis in the form of an architecture magazine. It includes both Italian and English text. Below this page, you will find the links to the dedicated project reports and the link to download the PDF. Each presentation is different, according to the scopes and different media. 


Download Villa Maggiore's PRESS RELEASE

To have a better overview of the project you may want to download the project's PRESS RELEASE.


BEHANCE PAGES by Superuse on site:

OUR DAY: a well-made post regarding the temporary community of designers and builders at the Villa.


More on the state of the Villa before restoration.


More on Superuse on site's climatic study on Villa Maggiore.


More on HARVEST MAP and the found materials.



The dedicated project report includes the video campaign, the process of material harvest and prototyping.

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