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A Comprehensive Guide to Building Deconstruction and Material Reuse Policy


by Sara Badiali 



Publication date


202 pages


2023 10

15 x 23 cm

In a world where climate change and the economy are inextricably linked, where biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution are endemic in our supply chains, and where our linear system of harvesting, producing, discarding, and throwing away is devastating the planet, we stand at a critical juncture. It's time to break free from the shackles of a "Take, Make, Waste" economy and embark on a journey of transformation.


"Breaking It Down" is your indispensable roadmap to ushering in an era of change. In this groundbreaking guide, you'll delve into the powerful tool of Building Deconstruction, a revolutionary approach to tackling the environmental, economic, and social challenges brought about by the construction and demolition industry. Millions of tons of debris generated annually, poisonous emissions, resource waste, and economic decline—all these issues demand attention and action.


Authored by someone who not only witnessed but actively participated in the creation of the Building Deconstruction Ordinance in Portland, Oregon, this guide offers a blueprint for change. Drawing from years of community-driven efforts and policy advocacy, you'll discover how to initiate material reuse policies in your own city. It's not about being a policy expert; it's about being a passionate advocate for change.


If you've ever felt frustrated by the status quo, if you've yearned to make a difference, this guide is your call to action. From concerned citizens to visionary leaders, it provides the tools and insights needed to transition from bystander to legislative champion.


You'll uncover the author's personal journey, from growing up near landfills in New Jersey to falling in love with Oregon's forests, and how this unexpected path led to a profound commitment to building deconstruction. Through the eyes of someone who transformed into an unlikely policy advisor, you'll see that anyone can make a difference.


The guide walks you through the essential steps—from finding your motivation to rallying like-minded individuals, engaging with government officials, and educating the public. It empowers you to tailor material reuse policies to your community's unique needs and challenges.


"Breaking It Down" is more than a guide; it's a call to arms for those who refuse to wait for others to take action. It's for those who envision a world where discarded materials become valuable resources in a circular economy. It's about reclaiming structures and revitalizing communities, one step at a time.


So, if you're ready to transform your city, if you can envision the potential of material reuse, grab this guide, and let your passion drive change. The possibilities are boundless, and your community needs your perspective and dedication to pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future. Discover something extraordinary within yourself, and join the movement to redefine our relationship with materials and the planet.

About the author

Meet Sara Badiali, a visionary consultant specializing in circular economies through building recycling. She's the Founder of ReclamationAdministration.Com , a groundbreaking platform providing insights into building material reuse and sustainable practices. Sara's expertise extends to education, and sustainable materials management, and she played a pivotal role in Portland's Building Deconstruction Ordinance. She collaborates with artists and advocates for policy changes in construction and demolition through her published work. Sara is a true leader in transforming defunct buildings into sustainable assets.

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