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Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

A Typological Index

2023 05

by Liliane Wong

ISBN 978-3-0356-2563-9

eBook ISBN 978-3-0356-2564-6



Publication date


224 pages


2023 05

17 x 24 cm

Liliane Wong's latest volume on adaptive reuse in architecture presents 50 spectacular conversion and reuse projects worldwide, including buildings such as the TWA Hotel at NewYork's John F. Kennedy Airport, the CaixaForum in Madrid, and the New Museum in Berlin. The projects are presented using a new classification system that addresses practitioners as well as academics. The author's introductory essay provides a comprehensive overview and historical context for the enormous evolution and expansion of adaptive reuse over the past 50 years.

Presentation of 50 seminal and spectacular adaptive reuse projects in architecture


New classification of a wide variety of remodelling and conversion projects.

Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

Extending the Lives of Buildings

2016 11

by Liliane Wong | Publisher: Birkhauser

About the author

Liliane Wong is Professor and Chair of the Department of Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. Liliane Wong’s focus on architectural interventions to existing structures led her to cofound the Int|AR Journal on design interventions and adaptive reuse, which promotes creative and academic explorations of sustainable environments through exemplary works of reuse. A long-time volunteer at soup kitchens, Wong emphasizes in her teaching the importance of public engagement in architecture and design.

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