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RE-USE.EU test run our educational module in Napoli, Italy. The lecture and following workshops have been organized in collaboration with Archintorno, a local bureau of architects dedicated to the city’s regeneration.

RE-USE.EU  has managed the program and designed the communication regarding the three stages of the initiative called RIUSO e AUTOCOSTRUZIONE.

The activities were led by local architects Andrea Abita and Clara Bernardo in the fantastic location called ‘Le Scalze,’ the vacant church of S. Giuseppe at Pontecorvo.


After staying vacant for many years, the building was damaged during an earthquake and became the association's headquarters devoted to citizens’ initiatives.

Archintorno has been focusing on regenerating the spaces according to the local community's needs.

A beautiful example is the rehearsal room, which was realised with a site-specific acoustic study using only up-cycled materials.

SLIDESHOW: the rehearsal room was designed and built by Andrea Abita in collaboration with Archintorno.


Introduced by co-organizer architect and workshop leather Andrea Abita, the seminar approached the theme of reuse in architecture and design and divided into three modules:

 .Inspirational session led by Denis Guzzo, which introduced creative reuse across history and cultures, showing an overview of documented projects and best practices.

.Intervention by Antonio Cerbone, president of the Regional Bound of Architects.


.Intervention by Paola Manfredi, RE MIDA, Napoli. 


.Regulatory session by Ph.D. Paola Altamura explained recent developments in regulations regarding reuse in architecture with several comparisons between European directives and Italian rules.


.Introduction to material harvest by Elisa Saturno, introducing the concept of adaptive design and the approach to geo-tagged material harvest platforms.


Designed and built by Andrea Abita, this table is called '448' reflecting an Italian way of referring to something that can be done quickly.

Realized before the workshop, the TAVOLO 448 is a good example of the flexibility that can implement the limited space of Archintorno's headquarters.