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Dordrecht .NL 2012 | Design by Superuse

Photography © Denis Guzzo - Photos 5500px available

Dordtyart by Superuse

Emerged from the former naval machine factory De Biesbosch in Dordrecht, Dordtyart is a museum and production house for contemporary sculptural works. 

The shell of the building has largely been restored to its original condition. In contrast, the interior has been divided and designed to host various activities such as exhibitions, meetings, presentations and a comfortable working environment for the artists.

The primary intervention for the interiors by Superuse was provided through two waste materials: high-pressure laminate [HPL] and laser-cut metal sheets.

The laser-cut metal sheet has been used as a railing for the stairs and as a divider in combination with polycarbonate, providing sound insulation and softer light.


The HPL came from dismissed desks of a big office building in Rotterdam.

While the grey colour was not in fashion anymore, the lines milled along the pannels gave both new aesthetics and anti-slip function. As a result, it has been used not only for the flooring but also for tables, cupboards and doors.


Thanks to the abundance of the milled HPL, Superuse managed to implement it on two other projects, including the back facade of the Superused Home.

Dordtyart by Superuse