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 Workshops are an essential tool, not only to create awareness and share knowledge; they give a free space to experiment and research new solutions, and materials' functions.

The following portfolio was captured in 2013 at the waterfront of Almere. The theatre company Vis a Vis gave space to Superuse to create this landmark for the plot.

P.E.T. is the most valuable plastic out there, while in many parts of the world it is not yet properly reused or recycled. In Japan, for instance, separating P.E.T. is part of daily life for almost two decades: a practice that should be extended worldwide.

8000 P.E.T. bottles compose this unique object, inspired by the shapes of trees and cactus. Led by senior Superuse's architect Floris Schiferli, the P.E.T. TREE was built together with students of the local high school, providing a great opportunity to explore together new designs based on reuse.