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Rotterdam .NL 2013 | Design by Superuse
Photography ©  Denis Guzzo - Photos 5500px available

Located inside the old port's docks at the western outskirts of Rotterdam, the Keen headquarters was into one ample space, layered with space-dividing screens. Superuse reused the existing office inventory and supplemented it with exhibition stands and advertising material from KEEN. A continuous scaffolding of used wood host seasonal shoe collections and divide the various functions of the office space.

The workstations were placed on the facades to make optimal use of daylight, and in the middle, a 'village square' was created where meetings and presentations are held, but employees can also play games.


In contrast to the open-space office, a closed conference room has been created where meetings or conference calls can be quietly hosted.

The lighting, created by CO2RO, is an organic pattern of round white discs that float at the top of the room, contrasting with the geometry of the old ceiling. The office floor was designed and inspired by public space; the use of outdoor lamp units highlights this concept. 


Designed by Superuse on site, the new interiors for VIISI’s headquarters in Amsterdam won the Desko Circular Design Award 2015. From urban mining to final results, this series represents the most extensive documentation of a Superuse project ever made.

Sponsored  by  VIISI

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