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2015.2016 Amsterdam .NL
Design by Superuse on site - Photography ©  Denis Guzzo
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“Powered by oil, we have dug out more than enough resources. Now it is time to reuse and cascade the materials we have around us through endless loops of design and re-design.”


Quote by Césare Peeren. Dutch architect and pioneer of sustainable solutions.

Co-founder of Superuse.


Between 2015 and 2016 pioneer architect Césare Peeren designed and realized part of the new interiors for VIISI’s headquarters, an innovative company based in Amsterdam. At the end of 2016, the project won the Desko Circular Design Award.

A worn-out bowling alley floor, deadstock high-pressure laminate tabletops, vintage lamps, and ‘heraklith’ acoustic system ceiling panels were redesigned to give a sustainable yet classy-looking ‘living room for academics’. The space is used as a lunchtime canteen and an evening seminar room.

This portfolio shows a broad insight during the different production steps: where the materials came from and how they have been treated and upcycled.

Divided in #10 main photo series, this reportage highlights the Superuse design practice with an accent on the craftsmanship of these fantastic makers: a homage to the master of crafts, their dedication, and their ability to transform something that was discarded into beautiful designs.

Built in the South East suburbia of Amsterdam at the beginning of the eighties, this building was demolished only a few weeks after the Superuse team performed the Material Harvest.

Nowadays, buildings are considered also material storage, and therefore the best practice is that of providing the building with a material passport; increasing their over time.