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GREENHOUSE embodies the classic look of a wooden barn and the typical structure of Dutch greenhouses: reused materials combined with DIY community-based building for a low-impact and comfortable living environment.



After a long restoration, we are proud to present the end result of Superuse co-founder Césare Peeren’s home. A beautiful example of how our cities could evolve, re-using existing housing and local material flows.



Reusing building materials is common sense. But is it feasible? How can we make it happen? This video gives an insight into the construction industry's waste problem and encourages more reuse amongst construction professionals.



At Superuse, waste rotor blades are seen as structural and aesthetic elements for large-scale, worldwide adoption in design and architecture. This post resumes some examples developed across the Netherlands.




2023.10 BREAKING IT DOWN: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Deconstruction and Material Reuse Policy by Sara Badiali

Book: Breaking It Down: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Deconstruction and Material Reuse Policy by Sara Badiali

2023.09 ADAPTIVE REUSE IN ARCHITECTURE A Typological Index by Liliane Wong

2022.03 futuReUse FREE eBooks by Fcrbe

2022.01 ECOLOGIES OF INCEPTION Design potentials on a warming planet. by Simone Ferracina


This platform was created by Denis Guzzo in 2018, with the scope of facilitating knowledge exchange on reuse, in the field of architecture and design.

In the modern era, architecture and the building industry are creating thirty per cent of waste worldwide.

Waste in nature does not exist. From nature, we can still learn how to analyze and improve our production cycles, saving resources and decreasing the impact we have on the planet.

Denis Guzzo

is a documentary artist and producer who graduated in communication design from the Royal Academy of Arts in Te Hague, the Netherlands, in 2010.


He intensively documented the work of Superuse Studios. His photographs were published in magazines and platforms such as A+U, BBC, Icon, Metropolis M, New York Times, and Volume, in many books and on book covers.

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Buckminster Fuller

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting.   We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.”

Buckminster Fuller

American architect, systems theorist, and inventor.

Cèsare Peeren

"Powered by oil, we have dug out more than enough resources. Now it is time to reuse and cascade the materials we have around us; through endless loops of design and re-design.”

Cèsare Peeren

Superuse on site. [S.os]

Dutch architect, pioneer of sustainable solutions, and co-founder of Superuse.


We strive to connect professionals and create a network to help us in our mission. This platform is intended as a space to create synergy and disseminate knowledge. Here below are links to follow the platform on social media.


All content on this platform is copyrighted and credited to authors and publishers. If you are interested in publishing photography created by Denis Guzzo, please refer to this link.


You can submit projects, books, research, or case studies worth spreading. We especially appreciate curated content, book reviews, and notifications regarding events and exhibitions.


RE-USE.EU is a non-profit platform run on a voluntary base.

Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, thank you.



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